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The weightlossplussapp has been developed for those of you who want to get more happiness into your life while loosing weight.

Users of this app have had weightlosses from 10 – 100 pounds simply by listening to the daily messages and take action where action is needed. You will find no diets, exercise programs or calorie counts.

You already know what you should do, so the purpose of this app is to get you motivated, get you to feel comfortable about yourself and get you started with some great habits that will support and maintain your weightloss.

This app will help raise your self-awareness which will increase your ability to make important decisions for yourself. You will learn how to regulate your emotions through not only speaking to yourself with kindness, but also through understanding why this is important.

And the best thing – it only takes a minute or two every day!

The team behind weightlossappplus promises you 90 days of inspiration which will give you the energy to maintain your weightloss whilst experiencing the benefits for you, and those you care about. Enjoy.

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Wan’t to see how this app changed the life of its users? Go to our facebookpage and look up our videos with some of our users. Yes, they speak funny cause we invented and tested this in Denmark but we translated and texted it for you 🙂
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